Best Virtual Assistant Services 2021

The developed countries of the world are actively moving to the sixth technological order, in which information technologies, artificial intelligence, new materials, and genetic engineering become the backbone for the economy.

The Positive Aspects of Best Virtual Assistant Services Development

The spread of virtual assistant services is due to the fact that right now, firstly, a physical environment for the existence of assistants has formed (from a classic application on the phone to a “smart” washing machine), and secondly, artificial intelligence methods have been sufficiently developed as the basis for the cognitive functions of assistants (algorithms for natural language processing and synthesis/understanding of human speech, language models for context analysis, recurrent neural woodbows for efficiently working with long sequences).

Among the main factors for the explosive development of the virtual assistant market are the following:

  • the constant growth of competition, and, as a consequence, a gradual decline in prices;
  • an increase in the number of tasks that can be solved by virtual assistants;
  • development of Industry 4.0 technologies (cyber-physical systems), in particular, a growing range of “smart devices” from various manufacturers, the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual and augmented reality, BigData collection and storage, etc.;
  • the emergence of platform solutions for developing assistants and increasing the range of their skills (for example, Just AI, Alice Skills, DeepPavlov);
  • the gradual adoption of new technologies that change the usual way of life for the majority of members of society;
  • ubiquitous dissemination of tools for personal and professional communication and performing various actions through the “digital”.

What You Should Consider while Choosing the Best Virtual Assistance Services?

Consider the following when using Virtual Assistant:

  • information on the state of the balance and the remainder of the traffic is updated as the data on the communication services consumed by the subscriber and the payments made are received in the settlement system. When using the International Roaming service, the cost of the consumed communication services is calculated upon receipt of the relevant information from the roaming partners;
  • the ability to manage services is provided only by the subscriber number from which the call was made to number 150;
  • actions performed by a subscriber using the Virtual Assistant are equated to actions performed personally in accordance with and on the terms of the contract.
  • changes in the list of selected services come into effect within 24 hours;
  • subscribers serviced on a prepaid basis, the opportunity to change the set of services is provided if there is enough money on the balance sheet to pay for the cost of the connected service;
  • in the process of changing the set of services, funds may be deducted from the balance sheet in accordance with the current tariffs of the company;
  • requests to change the set of services may be rejected if the subscriber’s service is suspended at the initiative of the subscriber or the company.

However, take a look at the list of 5 the best virtual assistant services of 2021:

  1. Upwork.
  2. Fancy Hands.
  3. Belay.
  4. Magic.
  5. Wood Bows.

Now, with the help of personal virtual assistants, you can call a taxi, book a table in a restaurant or sign up for a beauty salon. There is a great demand for entertainment and gaming functions of virtual assistants. Another branch of development of assistants, on the contrary, goes towards specialization of functions for specific subject areas. Tour operators, retailers, and banks launch their assistants. At the same time, their “intelligence” varies greatly depending on the specific solution.